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Crossfit program 24th Feb – 1st March 2020

Posted 23rd February 2020 by Josh Schouten

2020 – Part III


Weekly Breakdown:

Monday – Clean + Lower Body Strength

Tuesday – Jerk + Upper-Body Strength

Wednesday – Energy Systems

Thursday – Gymnastics unicorn moves

Friday – Snatch + OHS tekkers

Saturday – Bring a friend/s team workouts

Sunday – CrossFit benchmark workouts


We’re now into the next phase of the CrossFit program where we will see the major lifts change. We’re still keeping some of the complexes for some capacity and coordination. Stick to the % where stated and where they aren’t going to some comfortable weights. We shouldn’t be missing any reps here so make sure you go on how you feel on the day/s. The Sunday test days have had some good feedback so far, so if you’re looking to do a particular workout and would have a suggestion please do feel free to send over the sessions and I will do my best to get it in there for you ([email protected]).

This week we should be putting the next Momentum social day out there so be on the lookout for this!

Other than this let’s keep it simple and make sure you choose your rest days wisely, and your hard days even more so.




Part A – Every 2 minutes 


Power Clean + Clean

6 x 1+2


Part B – EMOM


Back Squat

8 x 2 @ 75%


Todays Conditioning (14 minutes)

4 rounds of:

5 x Deadlift (heavyish with slow tempo)

10 x Wall Ball (light ball, aim for max height)

10-15 Cal Bike – all out.

Rest 2 minutes





Part A – Every 2 minutes (10min)

Split Jerk

5 x 3


Part B – Every 2:30 complete


KB Push Press 4 x 6-8

Ring Support 4 x 20-30 seconds


Todays Conditioning:

Start anywhere but make sure to follow the order. Work at a consistent pace throughout, don’t be a hero.

2 rounds of 90 seconds work, 30 seconds to change station.

Row x 90 sec
Db devil press x 90 sec
Bike x 90 sec
Horizontal ring rows x 90 sec
Ski erg x 90 sec
D ball ground to chest x 90 sec




Part A:

6 Rounds

Min 1: Power Clean TnG x 3-5

Min 2: Box Jumps (step down) x 8-10

Min 3: MU / Pull Up / TTR x 5-10 (depending on skill level)


Part B:

10 rounds / 5 each

Player 1: Row 500m

Player 2: DU x 100




Part A – Every 2 minutes (12min)


Power Snatch + Snatch

6 x 1+3


Part B – Every 2:30 minutes (12 min)

Dual KB Front Squat @ 31×0

x 15,12,12,10,8

TTB / Hollow Dish / V-Up

x 20-40 seconds


Today’s Conditioning:

5 rounds of:

Minute 1: 3 x Power Snatch + 5 D-Ball GTS

Minute 2: 5-10 Burpee Box Jumps

Minute 3: 15-20 cal bike / row / ski

Minute 4: Rest




Part A:

10 Minutes to find a solid 2-3 rep Cluster.


Part B:

24 rounds (12 each) YGIG:

4 Over the Bar Burpee

3 Hang Power Clean @60-70% of A

2 Front Squats

1 Thruster




Coaches choice on technique work:


Beat swings / Kipping / Toes to Rings / Toes to Bar


“Broken Cindy”

Run 400mtrs
7x rounds “Cindy”
Row 400mtrs
5x rounds “cindy”
Run 400mtrs
3x rounds “cindy”
Row 400mtrs
1x rounds “cindy”
Run 400mtrs


1 round of Cindy =5x pull-ups
10x press-ups
15x air squats



3 Rounds:

Knee Up DB External Rotations x 8

Banded Triceps Push Downs x 25