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Workouts and beers

Posted 8th March 2020 by Jenna Fisher


Date of workouts (and beers): Saturday 28th March, 12pm start

Deadline for registering: Saturday 14th March

Email Jenna to register

Since many people tell me they want to come to these events but not compete there will be three options to make this as inclusive as possible:

Option 1: participate in the workouts and enter your score for the competition

Option 2: participate in the workouts and do not enter your score for the competition

Option 3: do not participate in the workouts and help me (Jenna) with the judging (i.e. counting people’s reps)

Whichever option you choose you still need to register by the 14th March.

There are workouts for all levels and all classes: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, CrossFit/Heavy Metal Club, Barbell Club, Metcon, StrongCon, and Weightlifting.

It is just for fun so there is no need to be scared.

The focus is very much on meeting people and enjoying working out together.

For those who do like competition, this format provides the extra challenge of having to strategise your day to try to accumulate the most points possible. This means it is not necessarily a slam dunk that the usual superstars will win. The floor is open.

The workouts can be viewed here:

Competition workouts – March 2020


Format for the day

Part 1

  • Individual workouts. There will be male and female winners
  • Choose which workouts you do / don’t do
  • WODs will be the back room (i.e. 10 min AMRAP) and single movements* in the front room (i.e. 1 rep max push press or 2000m row)
  • The WODs in the back room are allocated specific time slots
  • The movements in the front room can be completed at any time throughout the day
  • The levels that are listed are just an indication of the skill level. You can enter any level for any workout. The only rule is that if you enter one advanced workout you cannot enter any beginner workouts
  • Accumulate points for the workouts that you enter (i.e. 10 points for first place, 9 points for 2nd place, down to 1 point for 10th place and below)
  • Add your points up at the end for a final score
  • If you are entering the team aspect you can also add your points with the rest of your team for a team score

Part 2

  • Team event
  • 5 people per team
  • Split the work between you however you like
  • Each team will have two scores: time taken to complete the weightlifting and total calories on the bike

Part 3

  • Beers
  • Food
  • Chats

I will post more information once I know how many people have registered.

Enjoy! x