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StrongCon – New Workouts

Posted 17th March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

Hello all

I have created new StrongCon workouts to see us through this period of the Coronavirus.

StrongCon workouts – 2020, Phase 2

These workouts are designed so that you a) no longer share equipment in the way that you have been previously, and b) have time to clean any equipment that will be shared with disinfectant before you do so.

For example:

Half of the class will complete A1 and A2 while the other half of the class completes B1 and B2. Everyone has their own equipment that only they touch for that period. Once this part of the workout is complete the equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant before you switch over with your partner.

Some changes may be made as we test this to ensure that cleanliness can be adhered to whilst also giving you a challenging workout. Please be flexible with modifications as we want to do the best we can for you (i.e. running, if there are not enough bikes for everyone to have their own).

I have not created a schedule of which workout will be completed on which day since we do not know how long the government will permit us to be open. Since class numbers will now be smaller, each coach can choose which workout to complete with each of their classes by way of a democratic(ish) vote (the coach has final say).

Note that the A1 exercises have 40 secs allocated in this phase. You can choose if you use these 40 secs to lift light to medium weights for the whole time period – focusing on fitness/composition – or if you use a heavy load for just 3 to 6 reps, for example, thereby also getting additional rest. This is just for the A1 lifts. All other exercises must be completed for the whole time period allocated.

If you have any concerns please do feel free to come and chat with me (Jenna).

Needless to say, please wash your hands immediately on arriving at the gym, and again before you leave.