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Home Workout 1

Posted 22nd March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

The doors are closed but we will be posting workouts for you to do.

We loaned our equipment to members so that resistance (weight) can be added to these movements.

If you did not come to pick something up yesterday you can still do the legs/core/run and push-ups instead of shoulder press.


Day 1 (video demos are on Instagram)

You do not need to do everything in these workouts. I am trying to give various options because everyone will be in a slightly different situation. Do what you can and leave the rest (or adapt where you can).


Warm up

Cat camel x10

Bird dog x10 each side

Bottom squat hold x60 secs

Russian baby maker (from the bottom of squat: bum up, bum down, to stretch hamstrings) x10

Glute bridge x10

Single leg glute bridge x10 each side

Push ups / Incline push up x10



Complete with whatever equipment you have – band, DB, BB, KB, or weight plate.


A1. Bulgarian split squat 3×15-20 each leg @3010 :30

A2. Wide stance squat (sumo squat) 3×15-20 @21×0 :30


B1. Single arm strict overhead press 4×10-12 each arm @21×1 :30

B2. Single arm bent over row 4×10-12 each arm @20×2 :60


C. Hollow rocks. Tabata: 20 secs on 10 secs off x8


D. Conditioning

1-10 ladder




Push press

Devil’s press (or burpee) – if you can

1 of each then 2 of each then 3 of each etc. up to 10.


Alternatively (or optional extra later in the day),

4x400m run (or 90 secs). Push for a hard pace.  Rest 3 mins between.



Pigeon stretch – 60 secs each leg

Couch stretch – 60 secs each leg

Lounge chair stretch – 60 secs