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Home Workout 2

Posted 23rd March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

Day 2 (check out Instagram for the video demo)


Before we start today let’s take a moment to think of the people who are in hospital and suffering the worst of this pandemic. Losing our usual training regime is no big deal in comparison x

You do not need to do everything in these workouts. I am trying to give various options because everyone will be in a slightly different situation. Do what you can and leave the rest (or adapt where you can).


Warm up


Banded crab walks x20

Cat camel x10

Bottom squat hold peeling inside of foot off floor, alternating leg x60 secs

Bear walk x30 secs

Single leg glute bridge – elevate your shoulders on your sofa x15 each side

Anterior shoulder opener – 5 pulses + 30 secs hold

Posterior shoulder opener 5 pulses + 30 secs hold

Decline plank hold (feet up on wall) x30-40 secs




This is based on the equipment we have loaned to members to allow them to work with resistance I.e. BBs, DBs, KBs, weight plates


A1. Deadlift or suitcase deadlift or snatch grip deadlift (depending on what piece of equipment you have) 4×10-12 @3112 :30

A2. Reverse lunges (deficit if you can have something to stand on) 4×10-20 total (depending how heavy your weight is) with 2 sec pause at bottom :30

A3. Single leg calf raises 4×15-20 each leg :60


B1. Bent over row – supinated grip – one and a quarter reps (quarter at top) 5×6-8 @21×1 :30

B2. Push-ups – 10 sec eccentric – 4x max effort*

B3. Trap 3 raises 4×6 each arm with 6 sec pause at top :60 – this can be one unweighted or with something very light

*Max effort means as many as you can do – ability in bodyweight movements varies widely so complete as many reps as you can with good form


C1. Side plank 3×30 secs each side

C2. Side plank raises 3×15 reps each side


D. Conditioning


Cash in (=before you start the 5 rounds): 2 min stair run (if you live in a block of flats)


5 rounds


x10 Snatch (ground to overhead)

x15 Squat (overhead squat if you can)

x20 Walking lunges or forward lunges (overhead if you can if you couldn’t do the squat overhead)

x30-50 Doubles unders (or pencil jumps)

x60 secs rest


Cash out (=after you’ve finished the 5 rounds): 2 min stair run (if you live in a block of flats)


Alternatively (or optional extra later in the day),

8x100m sprint (or 15-20 secs). Very fast pace.  Rest 2 mins between. If sprints are not possible, do 2x800m run (or 3.5 – 4 mins)



Down dog repititions – 60 secs

Calf stretch or smash with ball – 60 secs

Wall assisted pec stretch – 30 secs each side