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Home Workout 3

Posted 24th March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

Days 1 and 2 were split into four parts each: warm up, weighted strength endurance, conditioning, post-workout stretch. Both of these days can be done once every week.


Day 3 is going to be slightly different.


The strength endurance can still be completed in one session but the conditioning will take place on the hour every hour throughout the whole day. (Work permitting – obviously adjust this to whatever you can manage).

Strength endurance

A1. Poliquin step up (stand on books or a step). 6×20 each leg

A2. Kettlebell swing or double dumbbell swing 6×20

A3. Push-ups 6x max effort (count your reps and try to maintain)



One the hour every hour, for as many hours in the day that you can do

3-5 min stair run


Videos for days 1 and 2 are now posted on IG/IGTV, with 3 to follow shortly.