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Home Workout 6

Posted 27th March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

All of this week’s workouts will be posted in one document tomorrow morning.  This will give you a simple point of reference for repeating these workouts in future weeks.

An additional day 7 has also been added. This will be published later today and will be a long, conditioning only, workout.


Day 6 – Strength Endurance

A1. Walking lunge each leg + squat + (optional) thruster 3x 10 reps of 2+1+1

A2. Weighted glute bridge 3×50

A3. Arnold press, kneeling 3×12-15


B1. Spiderman push up or JM press 3×12-14

B2. Bent over row – pronated 3×12-14

B3. French press 3×12-14

B4. Paused bicep curl, supinated (pause mid-way up and down) 3×12-14


C1. Deficit reverse lunge or Bulgarian split squat – 5 sec pause at bottom 3×8-10 each leg

C2. Cuban rotation 3×10-12 super light or no weight

C3. End of range movement 3×10-12


D1. L-sit on bench/step – knees bent 3×20 secs

D2. Weighted sit ups 3×15-20


Day 6 – Conditioning


30 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute)


30 secs double unders (or alternative) / 30 secs rest

30 secs wall supported handstand hold / 30 secs rest


This will be 15 rounds of each exercise, alternating rounds.

You can switch the handstand hold to push press part-way through




30 secs sprint / stair run / squat / squat jump – you choose

30 secs push press