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Home Workout 2.1

Posted 30th March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

Strength endurance workouts can be repeated from last week.

New conditioning workouts will be posted this week. These will be different from the workouts done in the zoom classes.

Adapt according to what equipment you have.


Part A

6 rounds

x20 push press

200m run (or equivalent i.e. stair run or squat jumps if you are not going to the park)

Rest as needed


Part B

5 rounds

x10 Devil’s press (or 10 burpees then 10 DB/KB swing)

200m run

Rest as needed


Part C

4 rounds

x20 kettlebell swings (add a band if you have one)

x20 chest press (lying on the floor)

Rest as needed


Part D

3 rounds

x30 secs hollow hold

1×5 v-ups

Rest as needed