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Home Workout 2.2

Posted 31st March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

Strength endurance workouts can be repeated from last week. (There are 46 different exercises in those workouts so they are more varied in movement type than the conditioning).

New conditioning workouts are being posted every week. These will be different from the workouts in the zoom classes.

Adapt according to what equipment you have.


Conditioning: Week 2 workout 2


Complete the whole workout then repeat it all from the beginning. Complete it all 2 to 3 times in total.

3 rounds of

10x 1 DB/KB power snatch plus 1 push press (5 of each on each arm)

i.e. right arm: 1 power snatch, 1 push press, 1 power snatch 1 push press… until you have done both movements five times. Then repeat it all on the left arm

10 lunges (each leg, alternating)

1 min rest

3 rounds of

15 push-ups

15 squat

1 min rest

3 rounds

20 DB/KB power snatch (total)

20 DB/KB swing

1 min rest

4 mins of core:

30 secs of each, twice: hollow hold, side plank right, plank, side plank left

Go back to the beginning and repeat


Once you have completed all of the above 2-3 times:

3×15 bent-over row – pause at top

3×15 single-leg hip bridge (rest your shoulders on your sofa)



With a weight plate:

20  ground to overhead instead of 10 snatch+push press

40 sec overhead hold instead of 20 snatch


Less reps or on an incline on your sofa, for example