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Gym etiquette

Posted 14th July 2020 by Jane

When we re-open fully on 25th July, we’ll be making a few changes to the gym space to keep everyone safe: please have a read and contact us with any questions you might have, before you attend classes.

Smaller classes and designated workout spaces

Our first plan is to bring in smaller classes, spread across both rooms. This means that you can have one rack/rack area per person set out in a designated workout station. You will need to keep your equipment and yourself in this area. The programming will aim to limit the equipment you use so that it is enough for a great workout but not so much that you’ll need to share. You need to take responsibility for making sure that you have what you need at the start of class, cleaning it with disinfectant at the end of each class, and keeping the gym tidy by putting it back.

New timetable

We will have a much simpler looking timetable with a lot less switching of classes, rooms and equipment. The timetable will be adjusted as more people move back to the office and no longer work from home and class numbers can be increased. The workouts be will be 45 min long to allow 15 mins for these new logistics and to give members time to exit the gym before the next class starts. During this time we’ll (sadly) have to ask you not to hang around in the gym to chat between classes.

Class bookings and cancellations

Make sure you book into your classes in advance, there will be (strictly) no turning up without booking, including open gym sessions, and no extra people in classes. We will be taking a register for every class. If you are working from home could you consider (where possible) booking into off peak classes so that people who are still going in to work have the opportunity to take the peak hours.

With the new smaller classes sizes we can’t stress enough that if you are unable to attend please book out of the class so that someone else can book in. If we find people are late cancelling repeatedly we will be coming to find you to have a stern chat.

Attending the gym

  • Needless to say, if you have any of the COVID symptoms or aren’t feeling well please don’t come to the gym, and please make sure that you cancel your session in advance so that someone else can take your place.
  • When you arrive, clean your hands before you do anything.
  • At the start of the session, get all the equipment you’ll need for the whole session.
  • Stay in your own delineated section during the session.
  • Face forwards (or backwards) rather than towards the person next to you.
  • Bring your own towel to wipe your sweaty brow (unfortunately the showers are closed until further notice).
  • No high fives, chest pumps, kissing or touching (sorry).
  • No cuddling your coach.
  • No loitering pre/post session.
  • Clean all your equipment at the end of class.
  • Have fun and be nice.