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Barbell Club – July & August

Posted 21st July 2020 by Josh Schouten

Barbell Club is the class for you to focus on strength and hypertrophy.

It is also ideal if you need to spend time mastering technique or building confidence before moving into the faster-paced classes.

The full program is provided here:

Barbell Club – July & August full program

Note that the reps are starting quite high this month using Andre Benoit’s 14, 11, 9 wave. After 4-months of closure we need to rebuild our foundation and gradually work up to the heavier loads on the barbell again. If you stick to the rest periods you will get a good workout.

Due to social distancing rules there will no longer be any sharing of equipment during classes (unless you clean with disinfectant first). The program has been written to accommodate this. The spreadsheet above provides full details of the program including what equipment to use to ensure that there is enough for everyone. Some flexibility may be needed here and there during this transition period. For example, if you haven’t got a bench for bench press you could do floor press instead; if there are not enough DBs you could use a KB or EZ instead, or a lighter DB and increase your reps/heavier DB and reduce your reps. The coach will adapt appropriately for you.


-Hand sanitize on entering the gym

-Put all the equipment you need in your allocated space at the start of class

-Stick to your allocated space throughout class

-Stick to the rest periods to ensure you work hard and finish the work in time

-Disinfect all your equipment at the end of class and hand sanitize again before putting it away


Be consistent in attendance and record your weights to keep track of your progress. You can use this excel sheet if needed:

Barbell Club – Excel to record weights


A quick overview of the program is provided below:


Day 1 – Tuesdays – upper and lower body

A. Back squat: 14, 11, 9, 14, 11, 9 (60-90 sec rest)

B. Strict overhead press: 14, 11, 9, 14, 11, 9 (60-90 sec rest)

C1. Lateral box step up – right leg: 4×12 (15 sec rest)

C2. Lateral box step up – left leg: 4×12 (15 sec rest)

C3. Garhammer raises 4×12-15 (15 sec rest)

C4. Lying triceps extension 4×12-15 (60 sec rest)


Day 2 – Thursdays – upper body

A. Bench press: 14, 11, 9, 14, 11, 9 (60-90 sec rest)

B. Pull ups (can scale to chin ups or eccentrics) 5×5 (60 sec rest)

C1. Bent over row 4×8-10 (15 sec rest)

C2. Chest flye 4×12-15 (15 sec rest)

C3. Zotterman curl 4×8-10 (15 sec rest)

C4. Hammer curl 4×10-12 (60 sec rest)


Day 3 – Weekends – lower body

A. Deadlift: 14, 11, 9, 14, 11, 9 (60-90 sec rest)

B. Front squat 4×6 (60 sec rest)

C1. Hamstring curl (prone with band or supine with frisbees) 4×20 (15 sec rest)

C2. Deficit reverse lunge from Reebok step 4×16 total, alternating legs (15 sec rest)

C3. Side bend – right side 4×16 (15 sec rest)

C4. Side bend – left side 4×16 (60 sec rest)


Work hard (and chat less) x