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GPP training program 26th July 2020

Posted 24th July 2020 by Geoff Stewart



We finally sliding open the big steel doors and opening the wobble glass door we are opening on the Saturday 26th July. It’s about F***** time too.

Our new GPP (working title) class will follow the same format we have been road testing for the last few years with great success.  As we regularly state, Momentum training follows what we call a GPP program (general physical preparedness) ie our aim Is to get you fitter, stronger, healthy, physically and mentally and ready for what the world might have to throw at you.

Consistency, frequency and intensity is the mantra we regularly chirp. You need to turn up to begin with. You then need to turn up on a regularly basis and then you need to begin to work a harder. This might be sounding a little bit simple, but it doesn’t need to be complicated, we can over complicate it if needed. Leave the complication to us and focus on what in front of you.

Our new class: GPP. (Working title) Program

Week 1 day 1


Saturday 26th July

10min mobility and equipments


Clean warm up -10mins

Muscle cleans x5

High pulls x5

Power clean x5

Front squats x5

Squat cleans x5


12 mins  E2MOM -light to medium

Power clean, hang squat clean



16minx 1min wrk 1min rest 1min work 1min rsst

Min 1ME Kcals on Mono structural

Min 2 rest

Min 3 Hang power cleans

front squats

push press

squat clean and press

Min 4 rest