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GPP training program 27th – 2nd August 2020

Posted 26th July 2020 by Geoff Stewart



Welcome back and isn’t it great?
As we hope you’re all aware we are running a slightly different set up, timetable and program at the moment due to this thing called Corona. Our GPP program is exactly what is says, General Physical Preparedness. Our aim in this first 1-3 weeks is to get you all back into the groove. Allow you to get used to working with a barbell again, getting you use to breathing heavy, putting those foundation back in place and most importantly not breaking anyone.

This week’s training program is aimed at dusting down those barbell movements, getting you use to working with some load and getting you back into the groove. This doesn’t just mean in the gym it also means you’ll need to start looking in more detail at your nutrient through the day and around training, your water intake, resetting your sleep patterns and most importantly listening to your bodies again.
Week 2. Good luck

Monday. Cleans

Tuesday. Squat and Pull

Wednesday. Snatch

Thursday. Other programs

Friday. Deadlift and push

Saturday. Heavy breathing

Sunday. Other programs


6min EMOM with an empty BB

2xPower clean

2x cleans n press

Add 1 rep each min


20mins E2MO2M -build weight

A Power clean, squats clean and front squats 10x 2+2+2


12min AMRAP

“simple and honest”

Wall balls x20

10 T2B or K2E

5 burpees



15mins to complete

A1. Back squats 5×5-7

A2 pull ups 5×3-5 scales


12mins EMOM -6set each

B1. Box step ups x6el

B2. BB BOR x8-12


“Bouncy bunnies”

6min AMRAP

20xDU or pencil jumps

10 air squats

5 squat jumps



8min with an empty BB

2xmuscle snatch

2x hang power snatch

2x squat snatch

2x OHS


20mins E2MO2M -build weight slowly NO misses.

A Power snatch, squats snatch and OHS squats 10x 2+2+2


15min 5x 2+1

Mono structural 40seconds

ME BB thrusters @30/45kg or scale



Other programs



15min to complete

A1. Deadlifts 5×5-7

A2. DB seated OH press 5×10-12ea


Pyramid Scheme

For Time:

10-20-30-40-30-20-10 each movement

KB swings

press ups




30sec MONO structural

12 air squats

8 press ups

6 up downs


20mins E2MO2M -build weight

Deadlifts, hang power, clean, front squat, Cluster 10×7+5+3+1


“Hit and Run”

3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run – back door to canal

12ea Db Snatches 22.55 /12.5

24 Single Dumbbell Squats 22.5/12.5



Other programs