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Gymnastics programming – August

Posted 29th July 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hello everyone,

This will be short & sweet, my guess is during these last few months many of us have either not been doing too many serious pull ups & dips (the foundation to most gymnastics skills) or put on some extra kilos making that stuff much more harder. So the program for august is a focus on bringing back the basics, it’s well suited for the beginners as well as advanced guys. There is a first portion of muscle up practice for those that still have em and want to clean them up, but if you don’t then i’ll be running through some baby exercises to bulletproof the shoulder & elbow joint that will carryover over nicely to all other gymnastic skills. I will monitor how the class flows over the next couple of weeks, especially time management and make any additions/ modifications. Hopefully add some more play time and some conditioning at the end for those that want it, but for the time being this is the main content of the program.

Phase 1: rebuilding the foundation

Intent: rebuild basic bent arm pulling and pushing strength for gymnastics skills such as on rings, p-bars, and handstand/ HSPU prep. Also prep the shoulder & elbow joint, and grip strength. 

Anthony x

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A Ring Muscle up practice

  • Ring muscle up**
  • Eccentric MU
  • Baby MU
12 mins Focus on developing the quality & control of these movements, i will be teaching the eccentric & baby MU, **only those that already have “good MU” should be practicing them.
B1 Ring chin up/ feet assisted ring chin up 5 1-5 41×1 60s 2sec pause midway on the eccentric (elbow joint @ 90°)
B2 Ring dips/ banded ring dips 5 1-5 32×1 60s Work on full depth of dip,

Respect the 2sec pause at the bottom, maintain tension

B3 Hollow body hold/ dish 5 30-60 sec 60s Keep lower back in contact with the floor
C1 Ring row sit-back 3 5-8 controlled 20s
C2 P-Bar battle ram push ups/ battle ram PU on knees 3 5-8 3110 20s
C3 Passive hang, optional W/ knee raise hold or garhammer raises 3 Max hold time on the hang 60s No pulling with the scapula, this is to open & stretch the shoulder joint, to challenge the grip strength you can also use fat grips or hang by 3-4 fingers