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StrongCon – Aug/Sept

Posted 24th August 2020 by Jenna Fisher

The new StrongCon program begins this week, Tuesday 25th August.

Now that your muscles have got used to training again, the StrongCon workouts will rotate their day as previously done before lockdown.  This means that if you attend this class on Tuesdays, for example, you will do workout 1 for two weeks, then workout 2 for two weeks, and then workout 3 for two weeks. Note your performance in the first week and try to improve it in the second week. You will then have a new workout challenge to overcome the following week.

The workouts and the full rota can be downloaded here:

StrongCon workouts and timetable

For some exercises, alternatives are given so that no-one has to share equipment. With guidance from your coach, you are welcome to choose an appropriate alternative for any movement should you need to for this reason, or due to an injury etc.

The workouts and rota are also provided below:

Workout Rotation

Tuesday 25th Workout 1
Thursday 27th Workout 2
Sunday 30th Workout 3
Tuesday 1st Workout 1
Thursday 3rd Workout 2
Sunday 6th Workout 3
Rotate days
Tuesday 8th Workout 3
Thursday 10th Workout 1
Sunday 13th Workout 2
Tuesday 15th Workout 3
Thursday 17th Workout 1
Sunday 20th Workout 2
Rotate days
Tuesday 22nd Workout 2
Thursday 24th Workout 3
Sunday 27th Workout 1
Tuesday 29th Workout 2
Thursday 1st Workout 3
Sunday 4th Workout 1

StrongCon Workouts

Workout 1


5 rounds

Minute 1: Sumo deadlift – BB x10 (30×0 tempo. Build the weight)

Minute 2: Wall ball x12

Minute 3: Ab roll out x12 (or alternative core exercise)

Minute 4: Assault bike* x60 secs max calories

Minute 5: Rest x60 secs

For minutes 1-3, complete the reps and then rest for the remainder of the minute.

*or alternative: rower/ski erg


4 rounds

Minute 1: Push press – BB x8

Minute 2: Double-unders or assault x40-60 reps or 12-18 cal

Minute 3: Ring row x16


8 mins sprint pace

YGIG with the person next to you (keeping 2 metres apart) or work alone. The aim is to complete both movements within 30 secs maximum and have 30 secs rest. This will be a total of 8 rounds.

C1. Deadball to shoulder* (not over) x5

C2. Burpee x5 (if you need to make this harder, burpee to target)

*If you do not have a deadball do DB snatch x3 each arm


Workout 2


E3MOM for 4 rounds

A1. Bench press – BB x10-12

A2. Bicep curl – DB or EZ x10-12

A3. Frisbee mountainclimbers x30-50 total

Complete all three movements and then rest for the remainder of the 3 minutes.


AMRAP 16 mins

Toes to rings or toes to bar x6-12

KB snatch right arm x3

KB overhead reverse lunge right leg x6

KB snatch left arm x3

KB overhead reverse lunge left leg x6

KB swings overhead x12

Air squat x12

If needed, you can scale to knee raises, push press or DB


E6MOM for 3 rounds

Run 300-400m


Rower or assault bike 400-600m or 15-30 cal

Complete both the run and row or bike and then rest for the remainder of the 6 minutes. Pick a distance that is appropriate for you and repeat the same every round. Aim for 2 minutes rest within each 6 minute block.


Workout 3


E2.5MOM for 5 rounds

A1. Pull-ups* x5

A2. Dips* x5-8

A3. Double-unders* x20-30

Complete all three movements and then rest for the remainder of the two and a half minutes.

*You can scale any of these movements as needed.


AMRAP 16 mins

Back squat – BB x6 (build the weight)

Thrusters – DB x12 (light and fast)

Hold DBs above your head* x20 secs

Rest as needed

*can switch to hollow hold on the floor if needed


4 rounds

Minute 1: Burpee box jump over – lateral jump x4-6 fast pace

Minute 2: Assault bike* x20 secs fast pace

Minute 3: Assault bike* x60 secs recovery pace

Minute 4: Rest 60 secs

*or rower or ski erg

For the assault bike (or alternative) it is 20 secs max effort then 40 secs rest followed by 60 secs recovery pace. Make sure you hold your RPM for this recovery pace – if you have gone hard enough on the 20 secs this should be a challenge to do.


Enjoy x