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Gymnastics Programming – September

Posted 26th August 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hello all,

First off big well done to everyone that has been making it to gymnastics class. There have been fast improvements happening all round and great feedback about the programming. I now want to offer something more that will suit all levels while being able to coach and give everyone as much attention as possible.

Part 1: there will be an option for those that feel they have ring muscle ups in the bag and now want to progress this from a strength perspective. This will now come in the form of doing some fun ring routines (WATCH THESE VIDEOS Ring Routine Beginner & Ring Routine Advanced). For those that are still building towards your first muscle up we got you covered and are going to spend this month also teaching the kipping muscle up while you continue to develop your strength for the stricter version.

Part 2: will be the strength section where we will be introducing the rope assisted one arm chin up and handstand push up in order to further develop that sexy and robust upper body physique.

Part 3: will be gymnastic strength conditioning where rope climbs will be introduced, revisiting P-bar shoulder stand, toes to rings/ bar and double unders. We know we don’t include a lot of practice time for toes to bar variations and double unders in other classes so this will be where you can brush up on your skills.

We want to provide flexibility to the class and notice that everyone will have particular areas they enjoy spending more time on, so after familiarising yourself with the programming in the first couple of weeks you have the freedom to spend as much time as you like on any particular areas and we will be there to help.

For the time being we will be sticking to 1 gymnastics day a week, fitting everything into one class is hard work and we try to accommodate as many requests as possible. Having said that if you want to improve your gymnastics skills there is probably a lot more that you could be doing so please get in touch with me, i am happy to offer 1-2-1 coaching or provide a program that you could do at home or during open gym to support your gymnastics training. Drop me an email and we can discuss further. [email protected]

See below for the September programming and pretty PLEASE watch the ring routine videos before coming to class if you are considering doing this segment of the class.

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A Kipping Ring Muscle up practice

  • Learn the kip
  • Banded MU
  • Kipping MU


Ring Routine Advanced

Ring Routine Beginner

15 mins Focus on developing the quality & control of these movements. Ring routines are for those that have 1-2 controlled muscle ups and wish to develop gymnastics strength..
B1 Rope assisted One Arm chin up 3-5 3-5 40×1 60s Ensure you get the chin over the top hand in the pull and straighten the top arm at the end of each rep, progress by increasing the distance between both hands.
B2 Strict Handstand Push Up variation 3-5 3-5 40×1 60s The coach will run through suitable progressions
C1 P-bar Tuck shoulder stand or shoulder stand 4 20-30s 20s Regress by keeping the feet on the floor
C2 Rope climbs with or without feet 4 2-3 20s
C3 Toes to rings 4 7-12 20s
C4 Double unders 4 15-30 60- 90s


Ant x