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Barbell Club – September

Posted 27th August 2020 by Jenna Fisher


The main lifts get heavier this month, slowly building the weight back up following lockdown.

Workout 3 has some serious leg and bicep burners.

Chair pose, on the balls of your feet is demonstrated in the photo below. Keep your hips parallel to or above your knees (not below). Focus on maintaining the position with the feet (high on the balls of your feet) rather than the depth of your hips. This will strengthen your hip flexors, thighs, ankles, and calves, and your back (keep your chest up).  If you are new to this movement and you need to lightly hold the rig to help with balance feel free to do so.

The full program can be downloaded in pdf here:

Barbell Club Program – October 2020

Excel version for recording your weights:

Barbell Club 2020 – Weights Log 

Enjoy x