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G.P.P. training program 7th September -13th September 2020

Posted 6th September 2020 by Geoff Stewart

Another week of high quality training coming your way people. You now its going to be a great week because you training with momentum and you get to hang with your friend also you have workout called “deep breath” and “Magic eraser”.  What isn’t there to like.

Week 7.

Monday. Cleans

Tuesday. Squat and Pull

Wednesday. Snatch

Thursday. Other programs

Friday. Deadlift and push

Saturday. Heavy breathing

Sunday. Other programs


Muscle cleans x3
Clean pulls x3
Power clean x3
squat clean x3
jerk x3

12 minutes to build to a comfortable weight
A: squat or pwr clean + Jerk x (1+1)

6 sets E2MO2M -build weight
B: Hang power clean + floating Clean and press x 2+1

12min AMRAP
5x pull ups
10x press ups
15x air sqauts
Mono 12/15 cals


12 minutes
A Back squatss 6×5,5,3,3,3

12 minutes
B Pull ups 6 x5,5,5,3,3,3

12min EMOM
1 Cyclist sqauts 4@10sec eccentric
2 Ring lean out 30-40sec hold

3 rounds
wall balls x21
T2B x 15
Burpees x9


Muscle Snatch x3
Snatch pulls x3
Power snatch x3
OHS x3
Jerk x3

12 minutes to build to a comfortable weight
A: Power Snatch + Snatch x 1-1

6 sets E2MO2M
B: Hang Snatch Pull + Hang powe rSn + Snatch

“Big breath”
6x2min rounds NO rest
6x devil press RX22.5 /15
ME Mono



12 minutes
A Deadlifts 6×5,5,3,3,3,3

12 minutes
B BB Bench Press 5/6 x 5 @ 40×0

8mins works
Walking lunges x16
KB press ups x12

20mins work AMRAP
AKBS x30 rx32/20
Mono x24/30 cals


warm up because you’ll need to.

7 rounds each or 16min
Alterating with the person next to you
5x Power cleans rx75/60
10x pull ups -scales
20x air squats

“Magic Eraser”
6 Rounds
30x DU 0r 60x singles
20x Abmat Sit-ups
10x Thrusterts (45/30)