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G.P.P. training program 21st September -27th September 2020

Posted 20th September 2020 by Geoff Stewart

Another week another WOD with a silly name and another well done, another tough week under the belts and another fun week coming your way.

Focus this week is simple build upon your number, move smoothly, listen to your coaches (training tips) work with great form,  check in with your food your sleep and your stress levels.

Week 9. Joy………?

Monday. Cleans

Tuesday. Squat and Pull

Wednesday. Snatch

Thursday. Other programs

Friday. Deadlift and push

Saturday. Heavy breathing

Sunday. Other programs



Muscle cleans x3

Clean pulls x3

Power clean x3

squat clean x3

jerk x3


6 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

1x Power clean + press


6 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

1x Squat clean + jerk


6 minutes E30sec

1x Squat clean + press @60%


4x 2min work with 2min rest

Mono x12/16 kcals

ME Thrusters Rx 45/30



12 minutes

Back squats 6×5,5,3,3,3,3


30sec ME back squats @ 60% A


12 minutes

Pull ups 6 x5,5,5,3,3,3



left FFE split squats x12

Isometric bar top hold 3/40sec

right FFE split squats x12

Isometric ring top hold 3/40sec



2 rounds

15x T2B

30x air squats

45x DU




Muscle Snatch x3

Snatch pulls x3

Power snatch x3

OHS x3

snatch x3


6 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

1x Power snatch


6 minutes to build to a comfortable weight

1x Squat snatch


6 minutes E30sec

1x power or squat snatch @50% – 60%


2 rounds Rx 20/12.5

20x Db alt arm snatches

10x burpee pull ups

20x Db alt STOH

10x burpee pull ups





12 minutes

A Deadlifts 6×5,5,3,3,3,3


12 minutes

B BB Bench Press 5/6 x 5 @ 40×0



KB walking lunges x12

KB press ups x12


50 cals

40 RKB

30 Kb High pulls

20 HSPU/scales

30 Kb high pulls

40 RKB

50 cals




20minx work

BB complex YGIG with person next to you (complete rounds)

7x deadlifts

5x Hang power clean

3x front squats

1x push press


8mins E2MO2M

3x Deadlift

2x Hang power clean

1x jerk


“Rabbit stew”

Working with the person next to you

6 rounds each

Block run or 17kcals bike

ME power clean and press @45/30

P1 runs whist P2 cleans then switch


rest 2min



Burpee ladder

1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 etc