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Mobility – October programming

Posted 27th September 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hi gang,

Mobility classes this month will be covering a large variety of body parts. There will be a lot more linear work introduced progressing from last month’s foundation. There will also be a few upper/ lower body specific classes to cover small joints such as wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Here is the itinerary for the following weeks with some videos attached for you to take away some of the main exercises used. Where explained these can be used in your own free time to help give you more out of what we cover in class.

1st OCT: Full body class. For the lower body portion I will be covering hip internal rotation, an area I find most need to prioritise for better lower body movement and lower back/ hip injury prevention. For this see Hip Internal rotation sequence video we will be covering some of the main exercises found here, this sequence alone performed 1-2 times a week for a few months will help give you some great overall results so feel free to add this to your routine. The upper body portion will cover the pec (chest) and anterior shoulder. See this video for one of the main exercises Pec/ Anterior shoulder PAILS & RAILS stretch This has a focus on improving horizontal pressing such as the push up, chest/ bench press.

8th OCT: Full body class. For the lower body portion I will be covering hip external rotation, the general glute and lower back area. Again this will help with many lower body movements and reduce hip/ lower back injuries. The upper body portion will cover shoulder extension, this will assist a lot with vertical pressing movements such as the dip, muscle up transition, and much of the ring work found in gymnastics. There is also an emphasis on building more resilience in the shoulder & elbow joint in straight arm positions to help counteract the amount of bent arm work found in classes that can have a beating on both the shoulder & elbow joints. Note if you are doing gymnastics class this will support a lot of the straight arm strength we will be developing. See this Shoulder Extension Eccentric Stretch (W/ Rings) for one of my favourite warm up exercises that i’ll be covering in class.

15th OCT: Shoulders, elbows & wrists. I am going to structure this class to spend more time working on the areas that will help with overall shoulder/ arm mobility and also make you feel like you gave the joints some DW45. please take some time to watch & try this video that covers the elbow work i’ll be doing to help you familiarize and make the best of this one Elbow Pronation PAILS & RAILS Stretch If you do a lot of straight bar work such as bench press, pronated pull ups, toes to bar then this will help unlock some potential.

22nd OCT: Hips, knees & ankles. This will have the same intent as the upper body class and should help overall squat mechanics. Please watch and try this video before class Knee External Rotation PAILS & RAILS Stretch your knee needs some ability to rotate the deeper you go into a squat. This generally goes unaddressed, but if you have a background in sports that involve a lot of lower body weight bearing (football, running, rugby, tennis), or past knee issues / injuries there is a good chance there is a lack of knee rotation and could be contributing to how well you squat.

29th OCT: Spine & neck. One of the key exercises I cover is spinal segmentation, learning how to control each moveable bone in the spine. See this Spine Segmentation video that we will cover in class. I do recommend trying to incorporate 3-5 mins a day of this stuff to compensate for the amount of time we spend not moving the spine the way it was designed to.

Reminder I offer 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 coaching in-person/ online where I will be able to go through a thorough assessment to then provide you with exactly what you need to work on based on your current mobility and goals whether it be feeling & moving better, injury prevention or improved performance. Feel free to get in touch by email and we can discuss more about options: [email protected]


Ant x