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StrongCon – October

Posted 5th October 2020 by Jenna Fisher

The three workouts for the next six weeks will each have a different focus. Approach them as appropriate to get the best results. As before, each class will get two weeks of each workout to allow you to set your benchmark and then try to improve it the next week. 

Workout 1 – Hard effort / move fast. Hit each set with everything you’ve got then make the most of the rest

Workout 2 – Long and steady. Dig deep for the duration of the class with minimal rest

Workout 3 – Part 1: Heavy. Part 2: Gradually getting the heart rate up. Part 3: Fast Finish

For workout 1, the effort level (speed) is more important than the specific exercise. If you need to scale or change a movement in order to maintain and repeat your pace then please do so. Each set should leave you feeling gassed so avoid movements that you are new to that will slow you down. Ask your coach if you need help with this.

The workouts are available in pdf here:

StrongCon Workouts – October 2020

Workout Rota:

Tuesday 6th Workout 1
Thursday 8th Workout 2
Sunday 11th Workout 3
Tuesday 13th Workout 1
Thursday 15th Workout 2
Sunday 18th Workout 3
Rotate days
Tuesday 20th Workout 3
Thursday 22nd Workout 1
Sunday 25th Workout 2
Tuesday 27th Workout 3
Thursday 29th Workout 1
Sunday 1st Workout 2
Rotate days
Tuesday 3rd Workout 2
Thursday 5th Workout 3
Sunday 8th Workout 1
Tuesday 10th Workout 2
Thursday 12th Workout 3
Sunday 15th Workout 1

Enjoy x