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G.P.P. training program 12th October 2020- 18th October 2020

Posted 10th October 2020 by Geoff Stewart

It’s been an interesting first training block back post Covid lockdown. Its been a pleasure and a huge relief to be back at it and you guys have built some solid Fitness got some descent lifting numbers back and have you back on the fitness mainline.

Our new GPP (general physical preparedness) game is going great guns although we are still awaiting the light bulb moment to come up with a snappy name for GPP…. Any Ideas please let us know. We have been hoping that we could increase some numbers in some new classes but Covid isn’t doing us any favours, so we are going to tow the line this phase and stick with current timetable and class numbers. Saying that we have shuffled the training days around and we have been thinking long and hard about where we should be going in our next training phase. After a strong coffee and slice of Elena’s walnuts, sour dough bread with a large slice of butter we have a plan.

As you know we like to cover all the bases, GPP is our mantra. Saying that it’s really important to change the stress we put on your body and in some cases, our minds to keep our bodies and mind adapting and growing.

We are going to be improving on your clean, snatch, barbell complex numbers along with our assistant lifts and building some solid conditioning. In training theory, it tells us that too much cardio (conditioning) will affect our strength gains, true to a point but a reminder our mantra is GPP. If you really want to push up those Olympic lifting numbers, you may want to have a chat to your coaches and plan a few rest days…. Yes people, rest days.


Good luck and enjoy.

Momentum Training x

Monday -snatch

Tuesday – Deadlift and Push

Wednesday Cleans

Thursdays – Gymnastics

Friday – Squats

Saturday – WODs and teams

Sunday – Other programs


12min Snatch

Building weight

Power snatch

Snatch balance (3sec paused at bottom)

Squat snatch


B 12min E2MO2M

3 position paused pwr or sqt snatch

(Floor, hang and pocket)



C 8min E2MO2M

Snatch Pull x3 -heavy


D 3 rounds

15 GTOH rx 40/25

5/ 10 MU or pull ups – pull up scales

45 DU



20mins to complete

A Deadlifts 5x 5

B Seated OH BB press 5×5


12min AMRAP -take your time

Rev drop lunges x12

DB flat pressx12 (On low step)


20mins AMARP

16/20 cals


18/12x press ups / HSPU



16min Cleans E2MO2M

Clean high pull

Power clean

Squat clean


8×3,3,3,3,1,1,1,1 each movement


B 12min E2MO2M

Power / Squat clean and jerk



C 2 rounds

power clean and press x15 rx 45/30

T2B x15


2 rounds

power clean and press x10

Butterfly sit ups x30


2 rounds

power clean and press x5

mountain climbers x45





20mins to complete

A Squats 5x 5

B Pull ups 5×5


12min AMRAP

Box jumps x6

Prone DB rows x12


4x2min work 1 min rest

16/20 cals

ME Single KB squats


Finisher x50 band pull a parts



12min YGIG person next to you per movement

Deadlifts x5

Burpees x3

Power cleans x5

Burpees x3

Push press x5

Burpee x3


“pass me the mustard”

Buy in 50cals

10 Rounds

3x BB complex Deadlift, power clean, front squat, push jerk. Rx 75/60

1 rep each movement is one round

12x Wall Balls

buy out 50cals


rest 3mins

50x T2B/ T2R/ straight leg plate sit ups