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G.P.P. Training Program 26th October to 1st November 2020

Posted 25th October 2020 by Geoff Stewart

Its been a stressful couple of days / weeks and as I’m writtining this we are still welcoming you into the arch of exercise with love and burpees.

Week 3. Its solid and tough people. Keep yourselves going, eat well, sleep well and you will train even better.

Momentum Training x


Monday -snatch

Tuesday – Deadlift and Push

Wednesday Cleans

Thursdays – Gymnastics

Friday – Squats

Saturday – WODs and teams

Sunday – Other programs


A 16min Snatch Building weight

Snatch high pull

Hang power snatch


6×2,2,2,2,1,1,1 per movement


B 12min E2MO2M

Power snatch+Snatch balance



C 8min E2MO2M

Hang squat / power snatch x3



4 rounds of

12x BB thrusters rx45/30

6 burpees


ME cals remaining time



20mins to complete

A Sumo Deadlifts 5x 5

B Incline BB press 5×5


12min AMRAP -take your time

12x walking / alt lunges

6/12x HSPU / DB OH press


4 rounds

24x AKBS rx24/16

24x DU /45sec

24x push press (12ea)

24x DU /45sec



16min Cleans warm up

Tall muscle clean

Clean high pull

Power clean

Squat clean

Power jerk

1rep per movement build weight


B 12min E2MO2M

power / squat clean and jerk



C 8min

Heavy front rack holds



3 rounds

8x Hang power clean rx50/ 35kg

16x T2B /k2E/Straight leg it up

8x push press rx50/ 35kg

16xring rows / pull ups





20mins to complete

A Squats 5x 5

B Pull ups 5×5


12min AMRAP

Split squats x12 (6el)

Prone DB rows x12


3or4 rounds for time of:

60x double-unders or 2mins

30x DB squat cleans rx 12.5/7.5

15x burpees



BB warm up – build weight


20 mins

YGIG with the person next to you

1x Power clean and press+2x burpee over bar – medium to heavy weight


rest 5mins


“100 Dollar Bill”

4 rounds

20 Cals

20 HSPU / Push Up

20 T2B

20 Jump squats or box jumps

20 Pullup / ring rows