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Barbell Club – 3rd November

Posted 2nd November 2020 by Jenna Fisher

The 3rd November class will be the last Barbell Club before lockdown. The new program was due to start on this date but will be postponed until we return. Instead, take the opportunity to test the results of your hard work over these last few months and then finish with a 6-12-25 for one final lactic burn 🙂

3rd November workout:

A. Test your 3RM or 1RM in either the back squat or the deadlift

B. Test your 3RM or 1RM in either the bench press or the overhead press

C. Choose one or two of the following accessory workouts:

2-3 rounds



x6 back squat or deadlift

x12 lunges

x25 cyclist squat



x6 dips

x12 chest flye

x25 incline chest press



x6 pull-ups

x12 bent over row

x25 ring face pull



x6 one and a quarter rep seated DB shoulder press

x12 chest supported rear delt flye

x25 lateral raises



x6 dips

x12 DB JM press

x25 standing tricep extension



x6 chin-up

x12 reverse bicep curl

x25 hammer curl



x6 dead-ball over shoulder

x12 toes-to-rings / toes-to-bar / leg raises

x25 KB/DB side bends (each side)