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G.P.P training program 9th-15th November

Posted 8th November 2020 by Geoff Stewart

First week of lockdown and here comes lock down mark 2 GPP training program. Let be honest with this one, what a pisser but we all know the score so let’s make the best of it retain those gains, build on those skill and generally keep yourselves look and feeling fine.


These workouts are designed to as closely as possible follow the existing plan. We now it’s not going to be the same as equipment and space is going to be an issue for many, just do the best you can, but DO. The Olympic lifting days are about honing your skills, drilling your positions, so the focus is form.  The exercise days again are designed to work specific area and groups of muscles. If you don’t have enough weight remember tempo is a great alternative, work the eccentric portions (lowering) of exercise slowly with control and focus on squeezing the appropriate muscle groups. The WODS or workouts should be hard and fast but always with form.


Good luck stay strong mentally and physically and we all shall come through the other end.


Monday – Snatch

Tuesday – Hamstring and pressing

Wednesday – Cleans

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Squats and Pulling

Saturday – Working hard.

Sunday – whatever you have not done.


Mobility flow 10mins


A  Stick work  x5 rounds

Dislocates x10 (pass throughs)

Arms only high pull x10

Front press x10

Behind the neck press x10

Paused DL – shin, knee and pocket x5each

Snatch high pull x5

Muscle snatch x5

Snatch x5


B1 Snatch balance 4×4

B2 OHS 4×4


Snatch complex – skill 12min

C1 Snatch grip high pull x3

C2 Power snatch x3

C3 Squat snatch x3


WOD x5rnd

15x DU / penguin hops

15x GTOH (with what you have)

9x Burpees



Mobility 10mins


A1 Hip bridges 2leg 3×20

A2 Walk outs 3×10


B1 Hip bridges 1lg 3×20 (10el)

B2 Plank Holds 3x45sec


C1 Walking lunges 4×16-20

C2 Press ups 4×12-16

C3 DL 4×16-20

C4 Tricep ext 4×12-16


D 15min EMOM x5 rounds

Min 1 ME alt arm Devil press

Min 2 ME sit up

Min3 rest



Mobility flow 10mins


A Stick work x5 rounds

Dislocates x10 (pass throughs)

Arms only high pull x10

Front press x10

Behind neck press x10

Paused DL – shin, high hang x5eac

Clean high pull x5

Muscle clean x5

Front squat x5 with pause at bottom


B Clean complex – skill 12min

Clean grip high pull x3

Power cleans x3

Clean x3


WOD x5 rounds

Jumps squats x10

Hang cleans x10 -DB / KB / BR

push press x10 -DB / KB / BR





Mobility 10mins

BW squats 3×20
walk outs 3×10
Tempo BW squats 3×10 (10eccentric)
Plank Holds 3x45sec

Squatss 4×16-20 (tempo)
Prone Rows 4×12-16 (6-8 each arm)
Step ups 4×16-20
Bicep curls 4×12-16

15min EMOM
Min 1 Thrusters
Min 2 Scissor sit ups
Min3 rest


Mobility flow

4 rounds

Alt lunges into thrusters 10x( left leg, right leg, thruster) 1+1+1

Run 1mins or 1min skipping 0r 1min burpees


6 rounds

Walking lunges x20

Burpee broad jumps x5

Run 1mins or 1min skipping or 30sec burpees

rest 2mins


8 rounds

100mtr run -hard shit.

100mtr walk back -slowly -easy shit