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G.P.P training program 16th – 22nd November

Posted 15th November 2020 by Geoff Stewart

Week of off lockdown 2.0 training program. Hope all you guys are doing good and keeping the faith.

We are great believers in training via Osmosis, so even if you only read the program and believe your in the arch with one of your coaches encouraging you you’ll get some benefits …..maybe?

Be strong mentally and physically and we all shall come through the other end.

Monday – Snatch

Tuesday – Hamstring and pressing

Wednesday – Cleans

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Squats and Pulling

Saturday – Working hard.

Sunday – whatever you have not done.


Mobility flow 10mins


A   Stick work.  x5 rounds

Dislocates x20

arms only high pull x20

Front press x20

Behind neck press x20

Paused DL – shin, knee and pocket x5eac

Snatch high pull x5

Muscle snatch x5

Snatch x5


B Snatch balance and OHS  8×1+2


  1. Snatch complex – skill 12min (9 rounds -light)

C1 Snatch grip high pull x3

C2 Power snatch x3

C3 Squat snatch x3


WOD x12min

20x back squats

20x push press

40x DU



Mobility 10mins


A1Hip bridges 2leg 3×20

A2 Walk outs 3×10


B1 Hip bridges 1lg 3×20 (10el)

B2 Plank Holds 3x45sec


C1 Split squats 4×16-20

C2 Seated OH press x12-16

C3 RDL 4×16-20

C4 Tricep ext 4×12-16


D 10min Ladder

swings or lunges x2,4,6,8,10 >

press ups x1,2,3,4,5 >



Mobility flow 10mins


A Stick work x5 rounds

dislocates x10

arms only high pull x10

Front press x10

behind neck press x10

Paused DL – shin, knee pocket x5eac

Clean high pull x5

Muscle clean x5

Front squat x5 with pause


B Clean complex – skill 12min

Clean grip high pull x3

hang power clean x3

Clean x3


WOD x5 rounds

Jump squat x4

Hang power clean and press x8





Mobility 10min

A1 Rev lunges with pause at rear 3×20

A2 Plank position shoulder taps3x20


B1 Squats 4×12 60X0

B2 BOR 4x12ea

B3 1lg squats 3×10

B4 Plank hold with forward arm reach 3×10


C 10 rounds

3x Thrusters

6 air squats



Mobility flow


3 rounds -KB, DB, BR

squats x10

Burpee x5


9 rounds -KB, DB, BR

Deadlifts x5

clean x5

Press x5


9 rounds

DU x30 (60 penguin hops)

Devil press to thruster 3x 1+1