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Barbell Club – December

Posted 2nd December 2020 by Jenna Fisher


Barbell Club Program – December 2020 pdf

Some notes on Barbell Club post-lockdown 2.0:

After the previous 4-month lockdown we had to start over and work through a few months of muscle endurance and hypertrophy before being ready to start the big lifts again. Unfortunately we got locked down again just as this was about to happen so we need to postpone slightly. (I know some of you did tests the day before lockdown and achieved PBs so all the hard work paid off – well done you).

The good news is that since we were only locked down for 1-month we can get things back to where they were a little faster this time. For December, the main compound lifts begin with higher reps in the first week and work down to lower reps with more load by the fourth week.

However, for those of you who dread volume, the not-so-good news is that the temperature has plummeted so to keep you warm there is not much rest between sets. There are also high reps for the accessory exercises to keep your heart rate up.

After being locked indoors for a month (and not knowing if this will happen again in January) I thought you would like the opportunity to squeeze as many muscles as you can in as many different ways as you can for all of December – another reason for a lot of exercises with not a lot of rest (sorry Adam and Phil). It has been tested and fits to time so a little less chat (Richard) and you should be fine.

We will move back to a specific strength program in the new year, as soon as we have a better idea of when we will be able to train consistently and make real progress.

In the meantime, squeeze it, please it, grow it, burn it.

Enjoy x


For those of you who like to record your weights on an excel sheet, the program can be downloaded here:

Barbell Club Program – December 2020 excel