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StrongCon – December to January

Posted 2nd December 2020 by Jenna Fisher


StrongCon – Dec 2020 to Jan 2021

**A change has been made to the workout rota since this was first posted so check the new dates on the spreadsheet**

Welcome back!

A couple of key points for the next six weeks of StrongCon:

-The workout now rotates every week

-The workouts were tested just before lockdown 2. If you have not done much exercise while the gym has been closed please feel free to reduce the volume to what is manageable for you. Build yourself up little by little rather than going all out too soon and being unable to function.

For workout 2, I have added suggested changes to calories and reps for this reason. If you have not done much exercise in lockdown, start with one of the easier levels and work yourself up over the weeks. It will be a good measure for tracking how much you improve.

For workout 1 start with a medium weight and build it over the weeks. You could also cut out the third run to the canal if this is too much in the first couple of weeks. (Wear a jumper if it’s cold!).

Workout 3 should be ok to perform as it is – start with a medium weight and build it up over the weeks.

Unless you live with someone or are in a bubble please stay 2 metres apart and disinfect your equipment before someone else touches it.

Enjoy! x