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G.P.P training program 7th – 13th December

Posted 6th December 2020 by Geoff Stewart

Its our second week back and there are a few aches and pains a few funny walks but clad to say lots of smiling faces in the gym.

Its a full week of programming this week so check it out see what you fancy and then choice what you need to do.

Good luck, be brave and clean your hands.

Monday – Snatch

Tuesday – Hamstring and pressing

Wednesday – Cleans

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Squats and Pulling

Saturday – Working hard.

Sunday – whatever you have not done.


Warm up and drills please


A 16min Snatch building weight

Snatch high pull

Hang power snatch


6/8×2,2,2,2,1,1,1 per movement


B 16min to build to a good complex weight

Power snatch

squat snatch





40xsit ups

20x GTOH -bb only

30xsit ups

30x squats -bb only

20xsit ups

40x alt lunges -bb only

ME x sit ups

ME x GTOH -bb only



20mins to complete

A Deadlifts 5×5

B incline BB press 5×5


12mins EMOM

Min 1 12x alt DB lunges

Min2 12x ring press ups or scales


3 rounds -with a pair of DBs

Ring row / pull ups x20

DB step ups x20

DB press ups or dips x20

DB step ups x20



A 16min Cleans warm up

Tall muscle clean

Clean high pull

Power clean

Squat clean

Power jerk


B 16min to build to a good weight for the complex

Hang power clean

Squats clean





5x power cleans rx75/50

20x air squats

5x push press or HSPU rx75/50

20x air squats



20 ab rollouts





20mins to complete

A Squats 6x 5,5,5,3,3,3,

B Pull ups 6×5,5,5,3,3,3


C 12mins EMOM

Min 1 12xshrimp squats or Bulgarians split squats

Min2 6xNegative chin ups 60X0


12min AMRAP

10/12 cals

24 T2B scales

10/12 cals

24 burpees



10 min EMOM (5 rounds) light

3x deadlifts

2x power cleans

1x cluster

10 min E2MO2M (5 rounds) heavy

3x deadlifts

2x power cleans

1x cluster


“don’t pick your nose”

4min cals -pick a card to get your machine…..

16x Devil press to thruster rx 22.5 /12.5

3min cals

12x Devil press to thruster

2mins cals

8x Devil press to thruster

1min cals

4x Devil press to thruster