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StrongCon – April 2021

Posted 11th April 2021 by Jenna Fisher


Welcome back!

As you know, classes are not permitted until 17th May so you will need to complete the program without instruction from the coach as a group.

For this reason, I have made the program as simple to follow as possible for this month. I have also given you a good amount of rest so you can ease yourselves back in to the weights as safely as possible. (Those you have been lucky enough to have gyms set up at home can increase the difficulty by moving faster on the cardio and/or increasing the work time / decreasing the rest time). Since we cannot share equipment at the moment I have given you a list of options for the cardio element and you are free to add anything (sensible) that is not listed if desired.

You are allowed to ask the coach questions on a 1-2-1 basis, from a 2 metre distance, so do feel free to do this if there is anything you do not understand. We can also demo movements for you so do ask and we will be happy to help.

The program is written on the whiteboards in both the back and front rooms of the gym and is available to download from the link below:

StrongCon – April 2021 

Do feel free to come and ask me any questions or email me at [email protected].