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Gymnastics Programming

Posted 13th April 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello everyone, hope all is well, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of you over the next couple of weeks. We decided to devise a gymnastics program that requires minimal coaching as to stick with government guidelines. Much of it will be familiar, I removed the skills stuff we used to do at the beginning but there will be some flexibility for those of you that are eager to practice some skills. There is a little emphasis on bulletproofing the knees and getting the grip strength back up as you get back into the groove of things.

I wrote this gentle program in a way that it can be adapted based on your current fitness and needs. Your coach (me or Josh) will explain to you how the program works and advise you on how you can adapt to it should you wish to make it easier or harder and so on.

If you need some guidance on anything particular you wanted to train towards during this time that we are not allowed to teach classes have a chat with me or email: [email protected]

Ant x

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A1 Horizontal Ring row 4-5 5-8 4011 20s You can progress this by using the false grip
A2 P-Bar push up 4-5 5-8 3210 20s Go for depth, progressions can be turning hands out or leaning forwards more
A3 Reverse nordic 4-5 5-8 controlled 60s Regress by using resistance bands.
B1 Passive Hanging tuck hold 

(false grips optional)

3 20-60s hold 20s The fat grips will help rebuild the grip strength
B2 Heels elevated eccentric step up 3 5-8 per leg 20s Progress by increasing the height of the box
B3 Incline bench 45° zotterman curls 3 20-40s 60s Set the bench incline around 45°. If not enough benches standing is fine too.
C1 Toes to bar, hanging knee raises or hollow hold EMOM


20-40s Whatever exercise you choose think quality over shitty movements, once fatigue takes over rest the remainder of the minute.
C2 Double unders, single unders or high box jump 20-40s