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G.P.P training program 19th – 25th April

Posted 18th April 2021 by Josh Schouten

Welcome back to our second week of shenanigans. A couple of things to take into consideration on our return. The need to keep in mind that we have had a solid amount of time out of the gym and need to take some time to acclimatise back into the gym. Giving your self 4-6 weeks to get the engine running smoothly again will be the ideal scenario.


We’re going to start with some basics and get the body moving again. Giving us a dose of fitness that will stimulate some development without breaking our selves and walking around like Emperor Penguin out of Ice Age 2. We will need to take our own current fitness levels and adapt the program where needed. As we can’t coach classes at the moment please feel free to ask the coach if you need individual attention with understanding how the program runs.


The basics will start with the fruit and veg of the meal with the meats added in at the end. We’ll ask that we start nice and easy with the weight selection for the sessions and aim to build on this week to week. Starting at 60% of our old weights is a good starting point.


Good luck, be brave and clean your hands.


Monday – Leg & Back

Tuesday – Cleans

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Legs & CHest

Saturday – Snatch




A: Front Foot Elevated Split Squats

3-4 x 9-11

A2: Chest Supported Row

3-4 x 9-11


B: Russian KB Swing

3-4 x 12-15

B2: Front Plank (FLR)

3-4 x 45-60sec



Complete 500m effort at 95%. Rest 4-6 mins

Then complete 2-4 500m @ 80% of that time.



Every 2 mins – Don’t focus on the weight, only movement.

A: Muscle Clean

3 x 4

B: Hang Power Clean

5 x 4

C: Hang Clean High Pull

3 x 4



18 minutes of:

Complete one round every 3 minutes:

12 cal Ski

12 Db Thruster

32 DU



10 minutes rolling clock

500m Row / Ski / Bike

8/8 One arm KB Swing

8 Press Ups


Rest 2-3 min


Working at 60-70%

5 Rounds:

Kb Tall Clean x 5

Kb Squat Clean x 5

Kb Thruster x 5

Kb Push Press x 5

Rest 60 seconds


Rest 5 mins


Working at 60-70%

3-5 Rounds:

Gorilla Rows x 20

Hollow Dish x 30-45sec

Row / Ski x 250



30 Turkish GetUp total, rest as needed. Focus on movement.

100 Calf Raises



A: Front Squat

3-4 x 5-7

A2: DB Bench

3-4 x 9-11


B: BB/DB Back Step

3-4 x 8-10 each leg

B2: Hanging Leg / Knee Rasies

3-4 x 5-15



Minute on / Minute off:

WallBall x 10

AMRAP Burpee

*Complete the 10 reps, then amrap Burpee for the remainder of the min. Keep the scores consistent.



Every 2 mins – Don’t focus on the weight, only movement.

A: Muscle Snatch

3 x 5

B: Hang Power Snatch

5 x 5

C: Hang Snatch High Pull

3 x 5