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G.P.P training program 10th – 17th May

Posted 9th May 2021 by Josh Schouten


We’re now into our 5th week back training and those who have started from the beginning we have now got some good solid GPP under our belt, taking into our main lifts again. Be sure to approach these with a conservative mindset for the first couple of weeks to initiate ourselves back in.

If you’re still in the first 1-3 weeks back into training, a couple of things to take into consideration on your return would be the need to keep in mind that we have had a solid amount of time out of the gym and need to take some time to acclimatise back into the gym. Giving yourself 4-6 weeks to get the engine running smoothly again will be the ideal scenario.

As we aren’t running classes at the moment (only open gym sessions) please make sure you know what is coming the day your attending. If you need help/assistance there will be a coach available at all times to help you out with tips and tricks to get through your workout.


Good luck, be brave and clean your hands.


Monday – Leg & Back

Tuesday – Cleans

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Legs & CHest

Saturday – Snatch




A: Heels Elevated Back Squats

4 x 7-10 @ 40×0  Rest 60

A2: Chin Up

4 x 4-7 @ 40×0 Rest 90


B: Split Squat BB

4 x 6-8

Rest 10sec

B2: Dual KB Rack Carry / march

4 x 45-60sec

Rest 60sec



10 rounds

150m Row / Ski ( or roughly 30-45seconds)

Every 2:30 min





Every 2 mins – Don’t focus on the weight, only movement.

A: Muscle Clean

3 x 2


B: Hang Power Clean – work to a technical max

5 x 1


C: Hang Clean High Pull

3 x 5

C2: Box Jump

3 x 2




8 Rounds:

Power Clean x 4

Push Jerk x 6

Air Squat x 12

Rest 60 seconds




15 mins

5 Rounds of:

Every 3 mins:

Back Squat x 5 @ 50-70%

D – Ball Burpee x 8


15 mins

4 Rounds of:

Every 2:30

Kb Push Press x 7

Kb Thruster x 7

Du  x 24


For time:

100cal Bike / Ski / Row

All out for the 100cals. Record the time.




A: Front Squat – first rep pause for 5 seconds at the bottom, last rep aim for a smooth rep

4 x 2

A2: DB Bench 15*

4 x 6-10 @ 22×0


B: BB/DB Back Step

4 x 4-6each leg

B2: Dragon Fly Leg lowers

4 x 5-15



3 Rounds of:

15 – AKS

8 – Pull Up

400m Run


Rest 2 mins


100 Wall Balls



Every 2 mins – Don’t focus on the weight, only movement.

A: Muscle Snatch

4 x 2

B: Hang Power Snatch

6 x 1

C: Hang Snatch High Pull

3 x 3



Waller Special