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Gymnastics – MAY/ JUNE

Posted 19th May 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello all, so about the gymnastics this month. Last week we tested our push / pull 1RM with the structural balance test, we will revisit these tests in the summer to assess how we’ve been getting on. With that test a couple important things we are looking for is…

  •  the strength balance between your upper body pressing and pulling movements and what are the weak links
  • making sure the accessory muscles (think small muscles like rotator cuffs & traps-3s) are performing at the adequate %’s in relation to your main muscles (think big muscles like latts & pecs).

Addressing these findings and bringing things in balance will ensure we go in the right direction and not fall behind. In class me or Josh will fill you in and guide you more on this topic and how it will help towards making those gains. For those that didn’t do the test no worries, you will get on fine in class.

This phase focuses on improving the above and getting strong in the vertical plane. The main movements we will be working on are the ring chin up & dip. There will be an emphasis on building stronger shoulders & biceps to get better at these main movements. There will be a continuation with exploring the lower body knee exercises, and some ankle work to improve movements such as jumping and skipping.

Below is the program, this is going to be a 6 week phase split into 2 blocks of 3 weeks. So in 3 weeks time I will be changing certain exercises, reps, tempo, intensities etc, to still provide a good amount of variability and progressions.

Note: There will be more added to the class before / after whether a quick bit of conditioning, or some skill practice, just not in the first couple of weeks as the extra time is needed to coach the new exercises and ensure the majority understand the movements.

As usual this is suited for the beginner to advanced, if you are still trying to figure out how to get your first pullup or dip come along this would be a good starting place.

Any questions feel free to drop me an email: [email protected]

Ant x

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A1) Weighted Ring chin up 6 4 + 10s ISO 4011 60s Working @ 75-80% 1RM
A2) Weighted bar dips 6 4 + 10s ISO 4110 60s Working @ 75-80% 1RM
A3) 2-position reverse nordic 5 6-8 controlled 60s Regress by just focusing on the eccentrics
B1) Barons supine DB pelican curl 4 8-10 + 10s ISO controlled 30s Light/ moderate weights to begin with. We are using this exercise to also stretch the bicep in a tender area so you will feel weak with this exercise.
B2) Bent arm shoulder eccentric with box 4 5 + 10s ISO 30s
B3) ATG front foot elevated split squat 3 6-8 per leg 30s You would go slightly lighter than your regular SP SQ
C1) DB Elbow on knee external rotation 3 8-10 4010 15s This should be 10% of your 1RM bench press
C2) Sleeper stretch eccentric 3 5 + 10s ISO controlled 15s
C3) Trap-3 raises 3 8-10 4010 15s This should be 8% of your 1RM bench press
D1) Single leg skipping 3 each side 50-70 No rest Rules are heels are not allowed to touch the ground