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G.P.P training program 24th – 30th May

Posted 21st May 2021 by Josh Schouten


We’re back baby! Classes are back and we are focusing on the tekkers. As a whole most of you have got a good head start in the last 5 weeks. For those fresh off the couch be sure to approach these with a conservative mindset for the first couple of weeks to initiate ourselves back in. Giving yourself 4-6 weeks to get the engine running smoothly again will be the ideal scenario.


Good luck, be brave and clean your hands.


Monday – Leg & Back

Tuesday – Cleans

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Legs & Chest

Saturday – Snatch




A: Heels Elevated Back Squats

4 x 4-6 @ 40×0  Rest 60


B: Split Squat BB

3 x 6

Rest 10sec

B2: Single Leg Straight Leg Hip Thrust – pause at the top

3 x 10-15each leg

Rest 60sec



8 rounds

BB ¼ Squat Jumps (30% BS 1RM) x 7

50m Sprint (bakery) x 1

Every 2:30






Every 90 seconds complete (8 mins)

A: Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean (70% of hang power clean from the week before)

5 x 1 + 2


Every 3 mins complete (15mins)

B: Clean Pulls

5 x 3

B2: Seated Box Jumps

5 x 5




8 Rounds (each):

Power Clean (medium weight) x 5

AKBS x 8

Burpee Pull Ups x 12

Rest 30 seconds after each round, aim for even rounds

( Build the weight on the cleans)




15 mins

4 Rounds of:

Bulgarian Split Squats x 6el

Jumping Lunges x 10 (total)

TTR x 6-10

Rest 2 mins


15 mins

4 Rounds of:

Kb Thruster x 10

Front Rack + Overhead Carry x 40m

Du  x 24

Rest 60 sec


Use a weight on the KB that you can manage the Thrusters and carry unbroken


For time:

3 x 30cal Bike / Ski / Row

rest 60 seconds between efforts.




A: Front Squat – aim to leave 3-4 RIR. Focus on moving the weight quickly.

4 x 2-3

A2: DB Flat Bench -Clusters (rest 15-20 sec between every 3 reps, 9 reps per set total)

3 x 3,3,3


B: Ring Push Ups w/ RTO at the top

3 x 6-10

B2: Strict TTB / TTR

3 x 6-10

B3: Ab Roll outs

3 x 6-10



12 min AMRAP

WallBall Clean and Throw x 8

Dual KB Snatch x 8

Dual KB Squat Clean x 8

Dual KB Push Press x 8




Every 90 seconds complete (8 mins)

A: Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch (70% of hang power Snatch from the week before)

7 x 1 + 2


B: Over Head Squats

4 x 4

C: Heels elevated KB SOTS press

3 x 10-14reps



Waller Special