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Gymnastics June programming

Posted 4th June 2021 by Anthony Masters

Right guys,

A quick update to the gymnastics programming, this will be the program for the next 3 weeks. We may retest the first week of July our 1RM chin up & dip again to see how we have all progressed these last couple of months. This depends on a few things so I will decide closer to the time.

Big important change is the rep scheme for A1 & A2 (chin ups & dips). We are using a rep scheme of 1,6,1,6,1,6 which recruits the nervous system for the heavier sets to help us out with the lighter sets… simply what we are doing is playing tricks with the nervous system so when we do our set of 6 reps it SHOULD feel easier. What this means is we want to perform a heavy 1 rep set which will sit around your 85-95% 1RM for these lifts (with good form). Your 6 reps sets will subsequently be lighter however each set of 6 reps you will want to try and go heavier than the previous set.

Note this method will require you to warm up with a few sets prior to starting your working sets.

Example how this works – my 1RM chin up is 130kg (inc. added weight)

Set 1: 110-120kg x 1 rep

Set 2: 90kg x 6 reps

Set 3: 110-120kg x 1 rep (fine to use same weight)

Set 4: 92.5kg x 6 reps

Set 5: 110-120kg x 1 rep

Set 6: 95kg x 6 reps

Any questions feel free to drop me an email:

Ant x

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Notes
A1 Ring chin up 6 1,6,1,6,1,6 4010 60s The 1 rep sets are a heavy 1 rep 85-95% 1RM, 6 rep sets are lighter
A2 Weighted bar dips 6 1,6,1,6,1,6 4010 60s The 1 rep sets are a heavy 1 rep 85-95% 1RM,6 rep sets are lighter
A3 Assisted sissy squats 5 5-7 controlled 60s Those with bad knees just work the eccentric
B1 Rings elbow extension eccentrics (biased in end range shoulder extension) 4 3-4 6-8s eccentric per rep 45s
B2 Barons supine DB pelican curl 4 5 + 10s ISO 30s moderate weights to begin with. We are using this exercise to also stretch the bicep in a tender area so you will feel weak with this exercise.
B3 ATG front foot elevated split squat 3 6-8 per leg 30s Try to work with DB now
C1 Side lying DB external rotation 3 6-8 4010 15s This should be 10% of your 1RM bench press
C2 Sleeper stretch eccentric 3 5 + 10s ISO controlled 15s
C3 Trap-3 raises 3 6-8 4010 15s This should be 8% of your 1RM bench press
D1 Single leg skipping 2 each side 50-70 Rest 45s Rules are heels are not allowed to touch the ground
D2 Rebound jumps 2 30-40s Progress by raising the height of the platform, again heels not allowed to touch the floor.