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Mobility programming – June

Posted 4th June 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello all,

First an update on the mobility class schedule, at the moment mobility class is every tuesday @ 6:30pm, we will be adding a 2nd class (morning slot) to the schedule once we open the 2nd space. So for those that can’t make the evening class but could do a morning session there will eventually be one on the schedule.

For the unfamiliar… What is mobility? 

In layman’s terms you can consider it as “movement with control = mobility”. Don’t get mobility confused with flexibility. Flexibility does not have to carry any strength or control. Many can develop flexibility without owning all of their ranges. Injuries and problems tend to happen in these areas we can’t control. My approach to developing flexibility is combined with strength (internal tension) & control in order to teach the brain to own these new ranges we develop. This helps carryover to everything else you do in class better and minimises the risks of injuries. For those that want a more detailed explanation read these 3 points below.

  • Mobility Development – In a training sense mobility can be defined as STRENGTH + CONTROL in order to expand upon usable ranges of motion, articular resilience (our ability to handle external load), and overall joint health.
  • Joint Strength– While improving mobility and our ability to move better, the approach of the class acts to ‘bullet proof’ or safeguard your joints so that movements can be executed efficiently and safely.
  • Body Control – Think of this as improving awareness. We aim to improve the function of your nervous system. This can lead to a reduction of pain and injury, joint health and longevity, as well as an increased ability to move freely and easily.

Here is the itinerary for the following weeks…

8th June: Lower body class. This will focus on improving compound movements like the squat and deadlift, help address and reduce any niggles you may be feeling such as tight hips or knee and lower back issues. I will be covering hip extension & flexion, think hamstrings & hip flexors.

15th June: Upper body class. This will focus on improving pressing movements, especially the dip, bench press & muscle up positions. Again this will also address a lot of the niggles people tend to experience somewhere around the shoulder, elbows and neck. I will be covering shoulder extension, think the ability to lift your arms behind you or reach your elbows back.

22nd June: Squatpocaplyse 3.0, a class devoted to perfecting the squat, i won’t lie this is a hard class and your legs will feel smoked but amazing for days afterwards. There is a big focus on building more awareness on how to actively move in the squat from start to finish, I find this very important when it comes to doing squats with external load in order to minimize any injuries.

29th June: Spine focused, this is a complex beast that alone needs a class just dedicated to spinal movement if you want to see some improvements beyond just a quick fix. One of the key exercises I cover is spinal segmentation, learning how to control each moveable bone in the spine. See this Spine Segmentation video that we will cover in class. I do recommend trying to incorporate 3-5 mins a day of this stuff to compensate for the amount of time we spend not moving the spine the way it was designed to.

Reminder for those that wish to work with me, I offer 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 coaching in-person/ online where I will be able to go through a thorough assessment to then provide you with exactly what you need to work on based on your current mobility and goals. I also run a more affordable option that is online mobility classes you can do anytime & anywhere. Every couple of weeks an email goes out with details of the new class, If it is a class that interests you then you can choose to buy. If interested Feel free to get in touch by email and we can discuss more about options:

Anthony x