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Barbell Club – Test Week

Posted 14th June 2021 by Jenna Fisher

The 15th – 21st June is test week for Barbell Club (Click here for the pdf doc: BBC Test program, June 2021)

Over the last couple of months, we have been focussing on rebuilding muscle endurance and hypertrophy. The strength phase is coming but first, you need to know your starting point so that you can measure your improvements through to the end.

This week will therefore be your chance to test your 1, or 3, or 5 rep max in the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, and pull-up or chin-up.

Your results may vary greatly to 2019 or summer 2020 because of the recent circumstances regarding lockdown. This is ok. You just need to find out where you are today so that you can measure your improvement over the coming months.

Be aware that some people had home gyms with barbells and weight plates and may, therefore, be suitable for a 1 rep max test. Others who did not have much weight at home might be more suited to a 3 or a 5 rep test. Note: only do these if you have been attending BBC (or GPP) regularly since the gym re-opened. If not, the coach will give you an alternative.

This is not intended to be an absolute rep max. It should be a technical best for the day. In other words, the best weight you can lift without compromising form or risking injury. A safe challenge to give you a realistic number to work from.

I have provided accessories to be completed in the remaining class time but since there are such varying degrees of experience it is expected that how much you complete will vary per individual.  The newer people will do more exercises (reps can also be increased up) and the more experienced people will likely do fewer accessories. This is dependant on the degree of nervous system stimulation in the tests as well as the amount of time needed for rest thereby reducing what is left for the accessory work. Both scenarios are expected and welcomed. Everything can be adapted for the individual and newer members are encouraged to come to this class to learn and progress.

The new program will start the week after the tests.

Good luck, and remember to record your numbers!