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Mobility – July programming

Posted 6th July 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello guys,

Quick information about what to expect in each week’s class during this month. There will be a shift of focus, from big joints to smaller joints, so looking at joints such as wrists, elbows, ankles & knees. Working these areas we will then integrate them into more common positions like the squat & handstand/ overhead position. This will help give a bigger picture as to how well working these areas helps towards more bigger movements. Last week of the month will have a spine focused class with lots of takeaway exercises to add to your routine.

Should you find you have been experiencing some tightness or discomfort around these small joint areas the stuff we will cover may help address some of that.

If you have any questions drop me an email on: 

Ant x


Wk 1 (July 6th): Ankles & knees, squat integration

Wk 2: wrists & elbows, push up, overhead press, handstand integration

Wk 3: big joints, hips, shoulders & spine

Wk 4: Spine segmentation, the ability to improve the way 24 joints of the spine move independently to provide overall movement freedom, strength & control.