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Barbell Club – September

Posted 29th August 2021 by Jenna Fisher


Barbell Club is open to everyone so do feel welcome to come – the coaches will adapt the exercises to your level of experience.

Starting on bank holiday Monday, the new Barbell Club program:

Barbell Club program – 30th August to 27th September 2021

Now that you have got to grips with the Wendler format I have increased the variety of accessory exercises.

I have also included an alternative to Wendler for people who are new to training, people who are unable to attend regularly enough for a strength program to be effective, and people who want to focus a little more on hypertrophy. For the latter group, you can add variety over the next 3-months by using bands, chains, fat grips, tempos, and different positions (i.e. incline bench press instead of flat).

Re the accessories:

If the class is busy on the ‘sled row’ day, some people can change the order of C and D so that there is not a queue for the sled. Note that this is a row and not a drag.

The weighted eccentric chin-ups are neutral grip (NG) this month. This is so you can load them heavier than when you do a regular chin-up or pull-up (the NG position is easier). The NG bars are on the rig in the front room – your head goes in the middle of the two bars. NG means palms facing each other. (Chin-up is palms facing towards you, and pull-up is palms facing away from you).

The landmine attachments are kept on the floor by the bars in the front room that are next to the big black bucket containing the cable attachments. You can either use a 25kg plate as the base for the attachment or take the poles out of the sled and use the sled to provide the base. Your coach will show you how to set up so no need to worry if you have not done this before.

If you have any questions do feel free to ask me, or email me at: 

Work hard and enjoy, this month should be a fun one x