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StrongCon: 20th Sept – 31st Oct

Posted 20th September 2021 by Jenna Fisher


Since we re-opened, I have used a similar format for the workouts within each program cycle. This was to help the people new to the class get settled in and comfortable. This month I think we are ready to increase the challenge so each workout will provide a different stimulus:

Workout 1 – long intervals

Workout 2 – (mostly) short intervals

Workout 3 – hill climbs, sprints and AMRAPs

If you are new to the gym you are still more than welcome to attend this class. The coach will guide you through and the exercises can be adapted if needed. You have six weeks of these three workouts so there is plenty of time to learn and improve.

Logistical amendments for this 6-week block:

Workout 3 will include a hill climb and a sprint on the spin bikes (there may be a different surprise on one or more weeks!). For this reason, it will always be on Sunday. Please arrive on time (preferably early) so that you can be set up on the bikes in a time-efficient manner so that the class can get started on time.

Since workout 3 will always be on Sunday, the main lift will alternate between back squat and sumo deadlift to provide some variety. The spin segment will also be a different workout each week.

Workout 1 and Workout 2 will alternate between Tuesday and Thursday for this six-week block. If you have solid experience in the movements you can change the main lifts after the first two weeks if you would like some variety. The options are listed in the timetable document above (and also below). Try to decide what you are going to do before you arrive at class and keep in mind that the set-up needs to be quick and easy.

Alternative options for the main lift: back squat, front squat, deadlift, sumo deadlift, wide grip deadlift, OHP, DB chest press – incline or decline, floor press, pull-up, muscle-up, clean, power clean, heavy farmer’s walk with the cylinders, heavy sled push or pull.

StrongCon program, 20th September – 31st Octber 2021 

StrongCon Timetable, and alternative options for main lifts to add variety 

If you have any questions do feel free to contact me: [email protected] or come and find me in the gym.

Good luck (you’ll need it) and enjoy!