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Barbell Club – October

Posted 27th September 2021 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell Club program: 28th September Р25th October 

Barbell Club will be coming with add-ons for October! In addition to the October program above I will be posting a “Grow your” series later this week.

This series will provide an optional add-on program for each muscle group should you wish to pay a little more attention to sculpting and growing a particular muscle. Pick one (or more) and complete once per week in a BBC class or open gym.

If you would like to grow your biceps or shoulders, for example, (particularly rear and lateral delts), you will not be getting enough sets per week every week from the standard BBC program since it focuses on building strength in the larger muscle groups through compound movements. This is resolved for some by accruing extra sets in the other classes you attend but isolation in upper body movements can still be lacking. I hope to help you resolve this by providing these specific add-ons.

These programs will be posted later this week and will include movements that you do not get the opportunity to do in classes due to there being more people than cable machines. I have tried to make the format as simple as possible so that you can follow it on your own if you are unable to make it to class.¬† If you have any questions do feel free to ask me in the gym or email me at [email protected]

Work hard, and make it burn x