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Gymnastics October Program

Posted 29th September 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello team,

First off big well done to those that got their first bar muscle up and everyone else that generally got stronger with a bag of new skills along the way. This month we start a new cycle which will be a 6 week block in 2 phases.

Throughout the 6 weeks the skill section at the beginning will now focus on straight arm strength. The 2 push & pull exercises we will be playing around with will be variations of the planche & back levers (typical calisthenics stuff). These are both static holds, the coach will run you through variations of these exercises in order for you to figure out what suits you at this current time.

After some positive feedback I decided the 2nd part of class will stick to the strength endurance EMOM circuit format we had last month. This time new exercises that will work on other aspects of gymnastics training in order to maintain other skills / movements. Intensity of the circuit increases week by week as the work vs rest ratio increases. In the 2nd cycle (week 4) these exercises will change once again to keep things varied.

Below is the program for the first 3 weeks. Looking forward to seeing how you guys find this new cycle.

Curious about trying this class for the first time? But unsure if you are of a good enough level? In short the answer is YES, you are capable of doing the class. There are plenty of ways we are able to adapt exercises to suit your current capabilities and still give you a good workout. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

[email protected]

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Skill Practicing planche & back lever variationsĀ  15 mins 15-20s holds for both, rest as needed
A1 Legless rope climb/ rope climb/ seated rope climb EMOM – 4 rounds Wk 1- 20s

Wk 2- 30s

Wk 3- 40s

Rest remainder of the min
A2 Eccentric ring MU/ baby MU
A3 Front lever hold/ inverted hang
A4 45Ā° turned out P-bar PU
A5 Eccentric dragon flag / tuck
A6 Box jumps (for height)
A7 Cardio MAX effort (bike, row, ski, sled, skip, wall balls, D-ball) Rest 1 full min after each round