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StrongCon update

Posted 4th October 2021 by Jenna Fisher

As you know, during this 6-week block, workout 3 remains on Sundays to enable access to the spin studio. Workouts 1 and 2 are therefore alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays rather than Sunday as well. For this reason, the exercises are changing this week (week 3) to provide variety. See below for the new workouts:

Workout 1 

Continue with the same format – change the cardio that you do (rower / bike / ski / run).


Workout 2

4 rounds

Deadlift 30 secs (15 sec rest)

Box step-up 60 secs (15 sec rest)

Cardio 45 secs (45 sec rest)


4 rounds

Flat DB chest press 30 secs (15 secs rest)

KBS 30 secs (15 secs rest)


4 rounds tabata (4 rounds of the 3 exercises = 12 rounds total)

Wall ball


Ring row


4 rounds

Battle ropes 30 secs

Ski erg 60 secs

Run to canal and back

90 sec rest


Workout 3

20 mins spin – workout changes every week


10 min AMRAP

Back squat x5

KB snatch x6 each arm

Pike push-ups x7


10 min AMRAP

Push press / jerk x5

Lunge with BB x6 each leg

Toes-to-rings / bar x7

Ab mat sit-ups x8


4 rounds of 200m sprints