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BBC Hypertrophy Add-On

Posted 12th October 2021 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell Club focuses on a strength program with supporting accessories and those who have been dedicated to this have been achieving great results. For those who would like more hypertrophy, I have created an add-on program that you can use alongside your other classes.

Barbell Club Hypertrophy Add-On

With only a 3-day per week program BBC is not able to provide enough sets each week for every muscle group to grow significant size. A few members have expressed an interest in hypertrophy over strength so this add-on program aims to fill that gap.

You can complete these workouts in BBC or in open gym. Continue with the compound movements in the class programs and use these as an add-on if there is a muscle group you wish to work on.

Since this is for a small number of members I have been able to include exercises that can not be programmed into large classes due to the equipment needed (cables and machines). This therefore increases the variety of exercises beyond what you do in class.  I have included two programs per muscle group so this should last you a couple of months. I have kept the format as simple as possible so that you are able to follow it by yourself in open gym. If you need a demo of any movements do feel welcome to ask.

If you are unsure of how to put parts of the program into practice alongside your other classes do feel free to ask me or the other coaches. It’s easier to do this 1-2-1 than try to cover every option in a blog.

Enjoy! x