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Olympic Lifting – November – Christmas (6 weeks)

Posted 30th October 2021 by Josh Schouten


After a great first six weeks and some new PB’s to go with it we are going to do a quick reload for 2 weeks with some higher reps to get some blood flow into the muscles, along with some time away from the heavier weights. We will jump back on the bandwagon quickly to try and squeeze out some extra PB’s in time for the Christma Liftoff. Please do pay attention to the % on the board and stick to these to ensure a nice progression to PB’s.

You will see a second session on the program, this is because we will be updating the timetable to eventually have a seconds Oly session. For now, if you would like to follow this please use the program to complete in Open Gym sessions. If you are not sure what the programs are, come and see one of the coaches and we would be happy to help you out!

The Saturday session is where most of the heavy lifting will be done as the additional time allows for a longer warm-up and specific auxiliary work. As we know, some assistance exercises are specific to the individual and we will be giving these out face-to-face where we can assess what is needed.

As always, there is a program, which you can find here 

Josh x