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Barbell Club – November

Posted 1st November 2021 by Jenna Fisher

November is the last month of the Wendler program so work hard on the AMRAPs to get the most from this last effort. You will re-test your 1RMs in December and the new strength program will begin in January.

The November program has a new variety of accessories – please ensure that you set up and perform correctly. This month focuses a lot on back, with positions to isolate as much as possible to eliminate cheating (one can hope).

New members – you will be given scales where necessary so that you can focus on the basics. The coaches will guide you through every step so no need to worry about trying to understand the program if this is all new to you.

November program:

Barbell Club – November 2021

If you want to focus on hypertrophy, you can use these extra workouts to ensure that you get enough sets every week in the muscle group that you wish to work on:

Hypertrophy Add-onsĀ 

If you want to build your biceps, for example, 3 sets per week in BBC will not be enough. You can therefore complete an extra bicep workout each week to increase this to 12-24 sets. Each add-on should take approx 30 mins. I have provided two workouts per muscle group to provide you with variety (you can alternate them each week). They can be completed in class or in the front room in open gym. They include exercises on the cables and machines that I am unable to include in classes due to numbers. I have kept the program simple so that you can follow it in open gym however if you are not sure how to do any of the movements do feel free to ask me.