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Gymnastics November Program

Posted 3rd November 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello team,

The new training cycle starts, this will be a 8 week block which will take us up into the new year.

The program now combines very much what we have been working on in terms of straight arm & bent arm strength these last 5 months. Other highlights is there will also be an emphasis on building RAW pull up & dip strength and a choice as to whether you want to focus more on conditioning or accessory work to support your gymnastics training.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the class can be broken down into 3 parts.

Part 1: skill development; 10-15 mins to choose what you would like to focus on. Examples would be  Ring routines, see …, AMRAP on 1-2 movements (HSPU, MU, TTB/ TTR, DU, etc), practicing specific movements i.e handstands, static holds, ring exercises things you have learnt in the past etc.

NOTE: Those interested in practicing the ring routines you have a couple of options to play with so please watch these 2 routines. Above the Rings & Below the Rings. In person, I or Josh will be able to talk you through it in more detail and how it can be modified to your current level as well, don’t be afraid, I have been secretly building you all up to these the last few months.

Part 2: Relative strength development; building bent arm pulling and dipping strength. For the advanced members (those that can do chin ups and dips for reps) I am introducing HEAVY eccentrics for the chin up & dips. How this works is you need to add external load, around 110-120% or your 1RM, this weight would be an amount that does not permit you to perform the concentric movement at all, yet a weight that allows you to perform the eccentric portion under maximal difficulty yet controlled throughout. Beginner / Novice members we will be working with bodyweight variations suitable to your current level.

Part 3: choice of gymnastics accessory work or a short 10 mins gymnastics conditioning workout (this will change on a weekly basis).

Below is the program for the first 4 weeks. Looking forward to seeing how you guys find this new cycle.

Curious about trying this class for the first time? But unsure if you are of a good enough level? In short the answer is YES, you are capable of doing the class. There are plenty of ways we are able to adapt exercises to suit your current capabilities and still give you a good workout.

If you have any questions drop me a message

[email protected]

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps tempo Rest
Skill Practicing gymnastics skills, ring routines, AMRAPS, static holds 15 mins
A1 HEAVY NG eccentric chin up 4-6 1-2 reps @ 110-120% 1RM 1 rep @ 20s

2 reps @ 10s per rep

Rest 90-120s
A2 HEAVY NG eccentric dips 4-6 1-2 reps @ 110-120% 1RM 1 rep @ 20s

2 reps @ 10s per rep

Rest 90-120s
B1 NG chin ups 1-2 MAX effort @ 70% 1RM or bodyweight 30×0 60-90s
B2 NG dips 1-2 MAX effort @ 70% 1RM or bodyweight 30×0 60-90s
C1 DB 45 degree curls or pelican curls 2 8-12 3010 45s
C2 French press on rings 2 8-12 3010 45s
D1 Barons Prone DB shoulder external rotation 2 8-10 4010 no rest
D2 Single arm scapula depressions 2 15-20 + 10 sec passive hold 2020 no rest