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Gymnastics Dec Program

Posted 26th November 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello everyone,

This blog is to give a little update of what is to follow in gymnastics for the rest of the year. I attempted to take a page out of Jenna’s book and draw a work of art on the gymnastics board that probably makes no sense…So let me explain. You will see a chart of boxes with ring routines to follow, here is a breakdown of what you are looking at and how it all works with videos attached to the routines.

Starting from the top of the chart you work your way down, choosing which direction you want to go.

Everyone, as a warm up perform 1-2 sets at a low intensity of the straight arm routine

Straight Arm routine – we use this to open up the shoulders and prep them for more advanced movements, for complete beginners we can regress this by working closer to the floor.

Then decide, mix or focus on one routine completing 2-4 sets in this section.

Below the rings, Arching pull up routine – focused on developing advanced pulling strength, can be regressed to suit beginners.

Above the rings, Shoulder stand routine – focused on developing pressing strength for both shoulder and elbow joints. Can also be regressed for beginners.

For the more intermediate – advanced group, you can move on and try these taking the same approach, mix or focus on one routine completing 2-4 sets in this section.

Skin the cat to chin up routine – This sequence combines both bent arm and straight arm exercises in order to develop pulling strength in a of variety areas. It has a nice carryover to developing strength for many other gymnastic movements.

Shoulder Stand & forward roll routine – Here we begin to increase the duration of working sets and add more complex movements in order to increase intensity.

And here is something I have been working on… still a work in progress but you can try if you fancy.

Skin the cat + Muscle up + forward roll routine you have to begin with the false grip and maintain it as you pull out from the skin the cat in order to transition to the muscle up more easily.

As a side note on the board there are *** next to the routines, this will also give you an idea of difficulty, but also all of the routines can be modified to suit your capabilities, understandably not everyone has had the opportunity to learn certain moves, so just omit them or ask how to regress them.

In class I or the coaches we be able to give you more specific advice on how to approach the class and the routines, exercises, etc based on your goals and current level.

Warm up + these routines will take up around 30 mins. The 2nd section consists of a few strength exercises that will build towards the ring muscle up (what we will be working on Jan – Mar), and a couple of my signature exercises to help get you there.

Enjoy and If you have any questions drop me a message

[email protected]

Ant x