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Barbell Club – December

Posted 29th November 2021 by Jenna Fisher

After four months of building strength with the Wendler program, it is now time to test your hard work.

Last week was deload so the first week of this month will be allocated to testing. Ideally, test your 1RM but if you did a 3RM or 5RM last time you can re-test these to have a like for like comparison. If you can, separate the back squat and OHP tests to be on different days – they are together on the program because BBC is only a 3-day per week program. You could do the OHP test in your fourth class in the second week. (Ideally, spread all four tests over two weeks so your body has more time to recover. Rest on the days between rather than doing other classes). Make sure you do a good warm-up before hitting the test – your coach can guide you for this. Females – try to do your tests the week you ovulate as the build up to this will be when you are at your strongest, or at the least, not the week you menstruate/are the weakest point in your cycle.

Make a note of your achievements as you will need these numbers when you start the new strength program in January.


The format of this month’s accessories is designed to keep you warm now the temperature has dropped and to be a little more fun now the serious work is in the bag for the year. Try to move through from one part to the next without too much rest or chat. As this is a maintenance month before the next cycle begins I have not prescribed many tempos but do still keep the movements controlled and ensure you achieve full range of movement.

To head off any questions, yes, the 60, 45, 30, 60 secs is to be completed with no rest i.e. 60 secs biceps curl, 60 secs triceps extension, 45 secs biceps curl, 45 secs triceps extension etc… super-setting with no rest between each movement or round.

For the unilateral chest fly, one arm must always be in the bottom position while the other arm works, keeping tension in the muscle for a longer period of time.

For the wide stance back squat, this only needs to be slightly wider than your normal position (unless you are mobile enough to go wider). If this results in you doing little quarter/half reps then move your feet closer so that you can perform a fuller range of movement.

For the wide grip deadlift, place your hands as wide as they can go wihtout compromising a neutral spine. If you lose the position of your spine, bring your hands closer.

If you have questions on any of the other movements do feel free to come and ask me, or email [email protected].

Barbell Club program:

Barbell Club – December 2021

Additional add-ons should you wish to focus on hypertrophy:

BBC Hypertrophy Add-Ons

The add-ons are for the people who wish to work on hypertrophy more than strength. Each workout is approx 30 mins and focusses on one muscle group per workout to increase the number of sets you perform each week. I have provided two workouts per muscle group to give you variety – you just need to complete one per week. I will update these with new workouts in the new year.